hHaptics project

Gepost door: Freek Tönis op 19 maart 2015

Project Goal

Imagine robotic extensions of our body with which we could lift and handle objects or other humans with great ease. The idea to physically assist human operators has been investigated with some degree success, but the prototypes remain bulky and difficult to control. This project aims to design and evaluate a novel lifting aid based on good mechanical design, as well as haptic shared control from additional sensor information regarding the task and the human.

Project 6.2
This project focusses on the design and realization of a second, more advanced prototype, also exploring possibilities for lifting aid deployment in industry. The mechatronic design of the lifting aid will be done in close cooperation with project 6.1 and Intespring, with their expertise in smart spring systems that allow reduced actuator size. Siza and Hankamp Gears will provide advice and testing facilities for prototypes, to ensure the system will be practically usable.