Studie naar de effectiviteit van de SaeboMAS en de Soft-SixthFinger

Gepost door: Susan Booijink op 4 april 2018

Binnen het SoftPro project ( werken we samen met onder andere Università degli Studi di Siena en Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia 플립 자막 다운로드.

Voor de studie bij CVA-patiënten met een aangedane handfunctie is de SaeboMAS gebruikt samen met een nieuw ontwikkelde robotische vinger, de zogenoemde ‘Soft-SixthFinger’ 다운로드. Op basis van de resultaten, kan onderstaande geconcludeerd worden (Hussain, I., Salvietti, G., Spagnoletti, G., Malvezzi, M., Cioncoloni, D., Rossi, S 토플 모의고사 다운로드. & Prattichizzo, D., 2017):

‘As a pilot study we tested the proposed system with a chronic stroke patient to evaluate how the
mobile arm support in conjunction with a robotic supernumerary finger can help in performing the tasks
requiring the manipulation of grasped object through the paretic arm 다운로드. In particular, we performed the
Frenchay Arm Test (FAT) and Box and Block Test (BBT). The proposed system successfully enabled the
patient to complete tasks which were previously impossible to perform.’

Via deze link is het hele artikel te lezen 도깨비 ost mp3 다운로드.

Symbionics STW project

Gepost door: Freek Tönis op 19 maart 2015


Hankamp Rehab BV participeert in een groot STW project met een bedrag van +/- € 200.000,=. Hankamp gelooft in het ontwikkelen van nieuwe technologie voor de revalidatie markt zowel therapeutisch als ondersteunend 다운로드. Zie hieronder, meer info met betrekking tot het STW project Symbionics.

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다운로드 다운로드 컬투쇼 베스트 다운로드

hHaptics project

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Project Goal

Imagine robotic extensions of our body with which we could lift and handle objects or other humans with great ease. The idea to physically assist human operators has been investigated with some degree success, but the prototypes remain bulky and difficult to control 다운로드. This project aims to design and evaluate a novel lifting aid based on good mechanical design, as well as haptic shared control from additional sensor information regarding the task and the human 짱구는못말려 극장판 다운로드.

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Horizon 2020 project eNHANCE

Gepost door: Freek Tönis op 19 maart 2015

Hankamp Rehab BV participeert in een Horizon 2020 project genaamd : eNHANCE

Hieronder treft U een omschrijving met betrekking tot het project 소명3.

eNHANCE (Horizon2020)

eNHANCE was initiated by the Flextension Foundation. The goal of the eNHANCE research is to support and motivate people that have limitations in the musculoskeletal system as a result of for example a stroke or a muscular disease, to perform complex daily tasks 다운로드. For that support, the researchers want to use advanced detection of intentions of the user associated with a personalized behavior model. Among others eye tracking, a technology where the Brain & Behaviour Laboratory (Imperial College London, UK) has built up a lot of experience with, will be examined 다운로드. When using an orthosis, forces that a patient can apply will be measured continuously in order to increase the therapeutic effect. Various companies and knowledge institutions in the Netherlands, The United Kingdom, France, Sweden and Germany are involved 인디자인 색상견본 다운로드. The eNHANCE project is led by the group Biomedical Signals and Systems (University of Twente, NL) in close collaboration with the group of Biomechanical Engineering (University of Twente, NL) 에픽 하이 420 다운로드.

Link naar het eNHANCE project