Myro is een interactief revalidatie hulpmiddel. Die niet alleen voor ROM therapie maar ook voor cognitieve trainings doeleinde ingezet kan worden.

“Therapy with Myro
Varied and Versatile.

Myro reacts not only to motion but also to pressure. Grapho-motoric therapy approaches can be realized flexibly and independently of consumables. Spatially explorative elements create more options for cognitive therapy.

Myro adapts to the needs of each patient; horizontally and vertically: Myro is height-adjustable and the work-surface can be tilted from 0 to 90 degrees. And even Myro’s responsive area can be scaled to the patient’s ability, which allows training at the personal limit of performance.

Advantages in therapy with Myro

Flexible application options, such as therapy with real objects, for a broad patient spectrum
Incl. TyroS for documentation and evaluation of the therapy progress
Combination of pressure sensitivity, sensor precision and scalable area of motion
Myro – Sensory based all-rounder in therapy

Myro supports task-oriented rehabilitation with real objects, trains everyday movements and improves the patient’s motor abilities. Myro also offers a multitude of neurocognitive modules, which can be completed either alone or in multiplayer mode. Therapy with Myro never gets boring.”

Video Myro